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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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" Did you, too, see the Fish-King during the storm ?" she interrupted, to change the subject.
" Yes. But he didn't get that ship he was after, for I stuck my huge self between him and it, and switchbacked myself when he clung to me, like one of those bucking horses, so he had no chance."
" Did he recognise you, do you think ?"
" How could he ? I didn't look much like the Philosopher he knew."
" How about that ship ?"
" I was glad to see it right itself and drift away; the cries stopped, and the passengers pointed in my direction so excitedly."
" Perhaps they were grateful," suggested his sister.
" Or perhaps they thought it was I who had caused them to toss."
" But our host—it was scarcely fair to him."
" He didn't seem to mind. He simply dived down and disappeared."
" Now, those people," said Dulcie, " if you saw them, they must have seen you, and therefore" —with a wise look—"therefore they are sure to put you in the newspapers."
" What a lark !"
" And people who read about it are sure not to believe there was seen a real live Sea-serpent, and wearing a nose-ring, too ! And then I s'pose they'll
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