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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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all be duffers, eh, Cyril ? And it'll be called the Silly Season!"
Dulcie laughed, and Cyril laughed too, but some≠thing out at sea just then caught his eye. He jumped up excitedly and began waving his arms about frantically.
" Look ! look ! " he shouted.
Dulcie, kneeling by his side and shading her eyes with her hand, saw that old clump of rocks again, and upon them stood his Majesty the Fish-King waving his crown at them. The tide rose higher and higher. He made three low bows in their directionóDulcie fluttered her handkerchief and curtsied, Cyril bowed his bestóthe Fish-King made a final gesture of farewell, the Twins kissed their hands ; his Majesty put his crown firmly on his head with a smack, and disappeared with the rocks beneath the surging spray. And they felt they would never see him more.
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