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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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company, and know the mystery, and I was too miserable to think about the real Wishes—and never noticed or thought about not having changed —and oh! if / had happened to have one catseye only, / should have changed into a horrid crab and remained one for really ever and ever ! "
" Oh, bother. What's the good of going on like that, Sis ?" said her brother impatiently, for her voice verged very near a whimper. " Much better smile and thank your stars you're only a girl. Now what shall we do ? You suggest something, Dulcie."
" Go home," was her prompt reply, wistfully and not without anxiety.
" Yes, but it's all very well to say * Go home'; the only way back must be the way we came, and you know what that means ; even if we can find it."
From Dulcie's looks she evidently didn't relish the prospect. The very idea of the Wizard made her tremble.
" I must say," continued her brother, " I don't know how we're going to manage it. We can't, so he said, cross the Brook—and you could see he meant it. So it's impossible, unless we roam about till we grow older, and then we shouldn't know the exact date when we leave off being children under ten."
" We shouldn't know the date at all," said Dulcie disconsolately ; "we don't even know what time it is now."
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