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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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" It feels like tea-time," remarked Cyril.
" Oh no, the sun's too hot for that."
" Let's go through our changes and see if we can make it all out," said Cyril; " that's the first thing to do."
They went carefully through their various expe­riences from the beginning.
" I counted there were ten in each bracelet, so we ought each to have five catseyes left, instead of none and no bracelets at all! " he concluded miser­ably. And they were both full of trouble. But soon, Dulcie exclaimed—
" Why, we are Billies! We must count five more for getting back each time into our own shapes."
Of course, there had been the mistake, and the fact being brought to light proved a great relief.
" Still," said Cyril, " we ought to have been more careful, and saved two for the end; then we could have crossed the Brook as animals or something and taken our own shapes again on the other side, as we'd made up our minds to do."
" Ah, but perhaps we shouldn't have had the power on the other side," remarked his sister.
That was a new view of the case. The children were perplexed.
" Anyway, we're in a nice fix," replied Cyril.
Then they decided it was no use stopping there,
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