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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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especially as Cyril said he wanted his tea badly— so the only thing was to find their way back, and try and dodge the Wizard if they could. They wandered off, not particularly hopeful, and very nervous. Cyril thought he should know the way once they found the Bird-Fairy's glade. Dulcie took his arm, and they walked on in silence, which she broke at last.
" I wish some one would come and take care of us !"
" I wish some one would bring me my tea!" said her brother.
" I wish some one would come and tell us what to do !" sighed Dulcie, who had begun to find out that it was of no use relying absolutely on Cyril any more. " If only we were at home ! "
" I'll try to take you there, so cheer up, do," answered the boy sturdily.
The sea breezes were gone. The Twins had reached the Jungle. To give themselves courage he whistled " Rule Britannia " and she hummed it, but held his arm very tight, and every now and then looked furtively around. There was no sight or sound of anything living. Nevertheless, they hurried on, until they broke into a smart run, and ran, and ran. . . . They halted abruptly. Cyril hadn't the slightest idea whereabouts they were, or which direction to take. It was no use asking
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