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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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Dulcie if she remembered ; she only shook her head disconsolately. When they fled from the Jungle before, they had been far too scared to notice any­thing at all in the way of landmarks.
" We've got to get out of this and reach the Town," observed the boy thoughtfully ; " and then we've got to get to the back of the cave."
" But, Cyril, you've forgotten that after the Town comes the Wood, and then that horrid place."
" So I have. Well, it's quite impossible, that's all—out and out impossible." His face was grow­ing very red.
" Don't you remember, Cyril, my saying how gloomy this place looked when we entered it the first time ? Well, it looks gloomy enough here for anything, so it may turn out all right, and after all, we may be near to where we entered. Come along—it really does seem brighter over there. The Town may be quite close."
It certainly was brighter beyond. But no streets were there. Instead, to their bewilderment, the little travellers found themselves already in the daisy glade once more. They were positively in the beautiful Wood again. The first object that caught their eye was something white. It was Cyril's lost handkerchief which Dulcie picked up— it was a brand new one—and tucked it in his pocket
at once.
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