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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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" I say, isn't it curious how I've brought you back so easily ?" remarked her brother.
" It must be some short cut you found—by accident," replied his sister decisively. And that settled that. In the absolute silence which had reigned around, a peculiar rustling now attracted their attention. Dulcie hung back, and Cyril held her hand as he advanced cautiously. They came to a sudden standstill as, from a clump of trees, a tall figure in a yellow satin gown emerged and con­fronted them.
" Pray walk in !" said the Wizard, and taking the boy and girl by a hand he led them—not through the Wood and along the country road— but somehow straight through the back entrance into his Cave Dwelling.
"I'm so pleased to see you again," remarked their host, smiling as he took off his spectacles and scratched his nose with them. " I see you've not found freedom yet! Ha, ha! Pray make your­selves quite at home."
Out of his satchel he drew forth the two brace­lets in which were no catseyes.
" Used them quite all, I see!" he remarked blandly. " These others, poor things, thought they could change back the other side of my domain ! " And the Wizard laughed most unpleasantly loud— just like his knocker.
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