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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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" What do you want here ?" demanded the Wizard harshly. " How dare you come here and try to thwart me ? "
" I have come to pray you to turn from your evil ways. Let these poor children go," begged the Bird-Fairy in tones sweet and pleading. " They have realised how much their happy home means to them and the safety there is in being taken care of. Let them go back to it."
"Tush! Nonsense! What's all that to me? Begone while I let you! I'm in no mood to be trifled with."
" Show kindness and mercy for once," was her reply.
" What ? Go! You remain to mock me ? Re­member my little Zoological Collection. Which of us triumphed throughout ?"
" Don't boast of that."
" But there is much to boast about. And my experiments have not stood still since that remote period. Science has progressed ! "
" You will not be merciful ?"
A scornful laugh was all the reply he vouchsafed.
"Then know," she continued solemnly, "that our Fairy Enchantments have also strengthened with time."
"Is it to be another tussle between us ?" inquired the Wizard, smiling.
" It is. And I pray it may be for the last time.
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