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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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" Were it not for your own salvation perhaps you wouldn't he so ready to help the children, and to dare attempt to triumph over me. But we shall see what progress we have both made !"
" We shall see !" she repeated. " Touch these dear children if you can. You find it difficult ? You do not understand it, eh ? "
The Wizard, with a groan of pain, had leapt back after another attempt.
" I soon shall understand it," he cried angrily, taking up a bottle containing a green fluid, a few drops of which he poured into his palms, then smiled. " This will wake them quickly enough, and probably never let them sleep again."
But the only result was a louder cry of pain from him and a peaceful snore from them.
The Bird-Fairy looked steadily at him, and the Wizard trembled with anger and fear. Recover­ing himself he muttered: " You've got them well under your wing. So it must be with you I have to deal first. Ah, ha ! I'll show you how Science can outdo your paltry old-fashioned arts !"
Thereupon he took a curious box-shaped me­chanism, pointed it at the Bird-Fairy, pressed a spring, and instantly the pretty trio became en­veloped in a halo of rainbow. The next moment the wings of the Bird-Fairy drooped, and the children awoke. Her Spell was broken !
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