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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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And away they sped from the rocks on which they had so often played, reached home, ran in­doors, and got upstairs just before the big drops turned into a heavy downpour and came pattering against the nursery window-pane.
" Are you children ready ?" called up their mother in her kind, cheery voice. " Come down and have tea with me for a treat."
It was a welcome invitation. They were quick to shout their thanks and to make themselves tidy. When they entered the parlour, where the sun was peeping in again after his absence, their mother said quietly—
" I'm glad you've escaped the storm."
Later on, they all three sat in the gathering twilight at the large bow-window watching Nature going to sleep. The two children sat up very late that night—and they told their mother such an extraordinary story that she wondered how ever it could have got into their heads; and wondered where they could have read it. But they knew they hadn't read it.
" Look at the bump on Cyril's forehead!" exclaimed Dulcie, as conclusive evidence of the fight. But their mother only shook her head. Cyril often wore such marks of battle.
" And, little Mother, we are so glad to be at home." She laughed. But they meant it.
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