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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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stuck manfully to their resolution, especially as the creditors were hourly expected.
The eldest son looked up all the maps and geography books he could get hold of, and studied them until he came to the uncomfortable conclu­sion that he would certainly risk death by sea and cannibals many times before he could hope to reach the furthermost summit of the globe.
The second son sat and waited for the voice he was both to hear and trace, until at night he gave up in despair. So he decided that the only voice worth listening to was that of common-sense.
The favourite son, meanwhile, went for a long walk, bent on success, and, unlike the others, full of a new hope. Yet, search as he would, he could find no spot where the atmosphere changed into stars at his bidding, and he re­turned home long after dinner-time disconsolate to his supper of soup which had grown cold.
The next morning the three brothers arose in disappointment and vexation of mind. They murmured loud and long at having been sent on fairy-tale errands in a world where no clever talking animals really existed, or kind-hearted inanimate objects volunteered to befriend them on impossible quests.
As the first-born explained :—
" If I were to coax my parrot and ask him to
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