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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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one fine day (all the rest about that time had been wet) they concluded that as they were not believers in fairy tales, science perhaps might help them.
So they worked and worked and worked, each with his own object. They certainly did not lack brains, or test-tubes, or electric wire, yet just as certainly did they lack money; and, but for the occasional doing of menial work, they would have starved and starved and gone hungry.
At last the eldest son solved his mystery. Now could he surmount the furthest summit of the world, for he had invented a machine which could carry him soaring like a bird over mountains and over seas.
And the second son solved fiis mystery. Now he could hear a voice that came from no living throat and yet could see its traces, for he had invented an automaton that could speak and could record its words with a stylus upon tablets of wax.
And the third son solved his mystery. He had searched the atmosphere, and now at his bidding burning stars were showered down, for he had in­vented a kite fashioned on a wonderful wire, which went through the air and drew forth electric sparks. And his heart burned with love for the beautiful Princess whom he knew awaited him, though by this time she must be getting on.
The excitement of the brothers was great. " It
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