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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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is our genius we can thank !" they exclaimed all in three breaths. " Our father, steeped in his old­fangled lore, never could have foreseen our triumphs. He never could have guessed how we should solve his posers." That was their conclusion. Then they shook hands all round, congratulated one another, and went their different ways.
The eldest flew off, mounted upon his wonder­ful air-steed, amid the gaping of the astonished villagers, and his two brothers looked after him wistfully until he disappeared far away behind the clouds. The hopes of the traveller rose ever higher and higher as for weeks and months he soared on, exhilarated beyond all imagination. At last he came to the furthermost summit of which his dear father had spoken so solemnly. Over it sailed the son as easily as a bird. When crack ! the machine broke and collapsed, and the unfortunate in­ventor was hurled headlong into the sea, and every moment threatened to be his last, but wasn't. As he floundered in the water he looked annoyed, and he murmured to himself:—
" There must be some mistake. Who can truly say that I have found Contentment here ?"
Meanwhile the second son had borrowed a camel and gone off with his precious automaton to the great city, there to reap the reward of his labours. All the way he reckoned how he could
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