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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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some and thrice happy was that merry, merry morn !
Now the Princess sat in the vast hall of the palace turning up her nose at the stream of suitors that promenaded in front of her, very bored and weary at the continuous routine. But she never seemed to tire of it in her certainty that "the right one" would put in his appearance at the right moment.
She was a very spoilt lady indeed ; there was no one to gainsay her. Indeed, so spoilt was she, that every night she would cry for the stars, and blame the skies for being selfish and not sparing her a few when they knew (for she had often told them) that she wished to wear them in her hair. And every one said how illogical it was of her, and no one told her they were too large for practical purposes.
One bitterly cold night, whilst she was sitting thus at her open casement, bemoaning the selfish­ness of the skies, and heedless of everything else, a mighty hubbub arose outside.
" What ho !" called the pretty Princess. Her attendants came tumbling in to her in their eager­ness to answer her summons.
" What's without ? " she inquired.
Nobody knew, and tumbled out to get to know. They rushed back and told her all at once that a brand new suitor had arrived at that unusual hour,
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