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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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and would she snub him at once or tarry till the morrow ? It took her a little time to unravel what was said amidst such a babel of voices.
" La ! Oh my ! " suddenly exclaimed the Prin­cess, her eyes riveted outside on the blackness of the night. She could scarcely believe her senses, for there, in her garden, stars were actually falling down in showers, lighting up the figure of a man who, with upstretched hand, was beckoning them to come!
He was summoned at once to the royal presence, shivering and blue with cold ; but his romantic heart throbbed at the sight of so much beauty, and his face assumed a warmer hue. He was so intoxicated with delight that afterwards he could never quite tell how it all came about. As in a haze, he remembered the Princess greeting him as the one long awaited ; he recollected her saying that as he could wrest the stars from the selfish skies, he could gratify her desire to wear some in her hair, and bade him go collect them.
He explained his invention. She grew im­patient. He told her the electricity would kill him. She shrugged her shoulders and insisted. He declined to take the risk. Whereupon she turned into a fury in her pretty illogicality, and exclaiming that he must be the wrong man after all, she flung his invention into the fire and ordered
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