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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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him to be flung after it. He took the hint by the heels and fled through the window, far into the night.
Not at all Content with his romantic adventure, or with life as a whole, he enlisted and became a target in the front rank of the army.
It was, of course, some time later that the eldest brother—who had been plucked from the billows by a fisherman who happened to be passing by as usual—booked his passage home, and found on his arrival that the said home had been sold, as advertised, for building lots in eligible plots on easy terms, to pay expenses.
The second brother, in order to secure his freedom from poison, then and there smashed up his auto­maton and trudged home, arriving just in time to join his brother in being ordered away from their former doorstep, though still held responsible for the rates and taxes.
At that moment, too, the brother of the twain was deposited amongst them, having been invalided to his sold-up home for life.
So, in order not to trespass for fear of pro­secution, they all three sat down a little outside the boundary line and recounted each to the others their adventures and their experiences. It was nightfall before they had done, and they really could hardly help laughing. And then, after
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