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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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thinking things out, they shook hands all round in silence.
For the prophecy had come true. They were content. The three sons were now thoroughly Content—to work no more, to do nothing more for the rest of their existence. It wasn't worth it, they said. Their disappointments were over, and they were fully Content that they should be so. The villagers, once more open-mouthed in their gaping, and open-minded too, differed from the inhabitants of the great city, and looked upon the brothers as who should say ;' three wise men," and took upon themselves the care of them in the work­house, and were proud to get them, and to show them to visitors.
As to the beautiful Princess, she was changed by time into an old maid, and still kept on turning up her nose at elderly, rheumatic suitors as they passed on their usual rounds.
So the old father was right after all.
His ambitious son had surmounted everything, including disappointment.
His avaricious son had succeeded in having his wants supplied for nothing.
And his favourite son could jog along as romanti­cally as the workhouse rules allowed, without labour and without effort.
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