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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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And nothing stirred.
" More, please ! " said Minna, by this time quite at home with Harlequin. Again he gave that knowing look, and did as she asked. A rap, and once more she saw the garden. It had stopped snowing, and the sun was rising over the old roof.
Suddenly a little sweep appeared, swung him­self up by the ivy, crept stealthily up the tiles, and disappeared down a chimney. In a moment he reappeared with a doll and a fat-looking stocking, all so quickly that, before Minna had time to clasp her hands and cry out, he was gone altogether. She looked at Harlequin, but he paid no atten­tion.
" More ! " she repeated eagerly. Harlequin's staff then moved and rapped.
And there was the breakfast-room in the old moated house. The master of it sat at the table reading his newspaper. Soon he looked up and nodded encouragingly at his little daughter, who very seriously was making his tea. She nodded back and smiled. But it was a sad little smile, and her eyes were rather red, as though something had happened.
Then the door opened, and, to every one's sur­prise, in marched a stout beadle. In one hand he held a doll and a stocking full of sweets, and in the
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