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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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I'm afraid he's getting past his work. Perhaps," he said, turning to the window, as a tear was gathering in each of Minna's bright eyes, " the snow was too thick."
"No, Funnyums" (she often called him that), "it wasn't the snow. I know he was out in it, 'cos I saw him."
" Saw him, did you ?" he replied, smiling. " Well, perhaps he gave all the toys away till there were none left, and then, as the shops were shut, there were no more to be had!"
Minna now felt sure her father was joking as usual, and that there must be some secret.
" But perhaps, Minna, Santa Claus came to my room by mistake," he added. " In fact, it occurred to me that he might. He's getting short-sighted, you know, andówe are so very much alike. Suppose you go and see !"
Away she ran, and there, sure enough, were Funnyums's two socks hung up! One looked full, the other looked empty. She found in the full one all sorts of good things to eat. Minna emptied it quickly.
" I wish Funnyums wore stockings," she mur≠mured. Then she went to the empty one, which wasn't empty, because right down in the toe there was a gold piece !
Then Funnyums was hugged, and Funnyums
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