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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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was thanked, and scolded for being up to his tricks again, and then hugged once more to make it all right. All that stirring time he was quietly pre­tending to read his newspaper—just as though he really wanted to read it at all!
And Minna forgot everything in the excitement of Christmas Day. That night she slept soundly. The following day she went to the pantomime, and afterwards dreamt about Columbine.
It was only on the morrow that she noticed again her favourite picture, and then her mind wandered back to the wonderful things that had happened there. And as she gazed at the little girl in red, who was going out so joyously for her morning walk, it occurred to her where the little Picture Girl must be going to—she was going out, as Minna was, to spend the gold piece her father had given her!
" Ah, she deserved it,*' Minna said to herself. " I—I don't quite think I've deserved mine—that is, quite so much. I should like to do something for children who suffer and are poor," she muttered, " like—like the children in the hospital." And slowly, as she thought it out, she made up her mind that the doll she was going to buy should be a very small one, and that the rest of the money from the gold piece she would send to the " Chil­dren's Hospital Fund."
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