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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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" She pricked her hand with the point of the spindle, and fell into a deep, deep sleep."
And the creepers that had been climbing over the castle walls for a long time, searching for the turret chamber wherein the sleeping Princess lay —the ivy, the jessamine, the briar rose—climbed round odd niches and corners, as if all were curious to see the lovely maiden under the Fairy Spell. But the years went by and none had reached so high, though one sweet little briar rose had not given up hope, and crept steadily onward and spread as it went. And this is the dream of the beautiful Princess :—
She dreamt that she arose and wandered forth out of the castle gates, on to the sunlit terrace. Her attendants had dozed over their labours, and she wondered at their laziness. The peacocks had stopped in their strutting and had fallen asleep; even the singing-birds in the trees had ceased their trilling and hidden their little heads under their wings. But the Princess did not tarry. She went straight on, past the closed-up daisies and sun-
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