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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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woman came, and, plucking him by the sleeve, told him it was the hour to go. And when the Princess was alone she felt as though she had never known before what it was to be alone.
" . . . and she would be awakened by a king's son."
How long a time passed by she did not know. But again she saw the handsome peasant youth. And her heart sank as she thought that her release could come only through the kiss of some king's son who could claim her for his wife. Then she pondered no more, for she saw the traveller now, far, far away, where she could not get near him ; and he was in a forest path, wrestling with des≠perate fury with a giant who had barred the way.
Breathlessly she watched the youth as he struggled in the brawny monster's clutch. The Princess, moved by his stress, cried out in her sleep. Then the rays of the noonday sun, re≠doubling their forceful heat, shone forth with over≠powering energy. The giant, struck with the pain of it, clasped his hands to his head, and fell back≠wards like a log to the ground.
The Princess knew that her love was safe, and by her fear for his safety she knew, too, how dear he was to her. And she went on dreamingó dreaming happily of what might be the future shared with one she loved so much.
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