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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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and the wee ones doing their best to try and grow tall too.
Santa Claus stood still, and looked around, as if in preparation of some important matter. Nancy felt something was going to happen, and she peered up into the face of her guide.
" Father Christmas has come ! " he proclaimed loudly at last.
And then what a change there was ! The fir-trees all became Christmas-trees, lighted each oneŚbig and littleŚwith candles, blue or green, yellow or red, each burning with the same coloured light. And from the diamond-frosted branches hung toys innumerable. At the top of each tree stood triumphant a fairy-doll with wand outstretched.
Nancy clasped her hands with rapture at the sight. " Oh, Santa Claus!" was all she could exclaim.
He lifted her on to his shoulder, and let her gaze until she had gazed enough. Now, indeed, she realised what toys wereŚwhence they came, and how they grew.
Then she felt he was carrying her away, and her heart beat with curiosity and excitement, for she knew Santa Claus was proceeding on his rounds to pay visits to all the sleeping children who deserved it, while she was clinging to his dear old neck, and would see all that went on.
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