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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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for his call to summon them to his dressing-room.
" I think he must be fifty! " remarked Alec.
" I fink he's fifteen," said their little sister.
She spoke in a tone of conviction, accompanied by a toss of her short curls.
" Don't be silly, Mollikins," replied the boys with a laugh ; but she said she was sure she was right.
" Halloa, Kidlets ! Come along down !" came the shout of a manly voice. There was a stampede, and a race as to wTho should get there first. Molly arrived a bad third, but it was she who was first for him, for he went towards her and picked her up. She put her free arm around his neck, but instead of making him her little speech she exclaimed as he kissed heró
" Why, Daddy, your chin is full of splinters !"
The boys delivered their presents, and were kissed or patted on the head, and thanked, before Molly parted with the flowers which she held so tightly in her little fist.
" Your Baby ship is very kind," said her father, gratefully shaking her by the hand, and, laughing still, he put her down. Then he took her hint, and seriously began to shave.
They knew they mustn't talk to him whilst that important function was proceeding, so the three stood still, deeply absorbed as they watched the
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