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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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performance that fascinated them with its dangers and its hairbreadth escapes.
" Now I can kiss my little Mollikins and she won't complain." He put down the towel, took her up again, and rubbed his smooth cheek against hers.
" Daddy, tell me how old you are," she asked, looking into his eyes.
" Oh, how can I do that ? It's a secret."
" Do whisper it," she coaxed. After a moment's hesitation he smilingly whispered something into her ear.
" Oh, what a 'tock of years ! " she exclaimed.
" What is it ?" clamoured Alec. " I'm sure I'm right."
" I'm sure I am !" asserted Frank.
" I know ! " cried the delighted Molly, bursting with importance. "May I tell?" Her father nodded. " Twenty-one ! " she exclaimed triumphantly.
" Bosh ! Why, he said he was that last year !" cried Frank.
" And the year before," asserted Alec ; " and the year before that—I remember quite well. Father always says that."
" Guy !" called their mother just then. " Please send the children in to me." She was having her morning tea, so the young people ran into the adjoining room to hug her and be hugged in return.
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