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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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" Sun's turn out!" announced Molly, as she toddled away from the nursery window.
" Hooray ! " shouted Frank. " It's going to be fine for this evening !"
There were going to be great doings. Father's birthday and Guy Fawkes' Day made a grand double event long looked forward to with enjoyment.
" Hooray ! " echoed Alec rather feebly, for he was desperately busy. Outside—now that the fog had lifted—the busy hum could be heard of everyday life, mingled with boys' shouts as they trundled a guy about.
" I've found something out! " suddenly exclaimed Alec in a curious voice, and he spread out on the* table the front page of an old Times. " Look here, Frank!" he continued in growing excitement. "Here, under the Births— marked with red pencil —' Guy Thompson !' That's Father—here's the date. Wait a moment. Now I'll reckon it out. Hush ! Don't say anything while I do the sum. / say ! Father is twenty-one ! "
" / knew it! " exclaimed Molly, capering about. " I told you so."
" Rubbish !" said Frank. " Molly, do shut up.
Alec, where did you find that paper ? How did it
come here ?"
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