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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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" I found it there, on the rocking-chair. It looks old, and it is old. See, here's the date. It's very funny ! I wish we could find out—it rvould be jolly to find out all by ourselves, if this really can be true. I say, I know who'd tell us. I've heard all about Somerset House—where you can get to know about people and their affairs—only I don't know where the place is, or who lives there."
" An omlibus will take us anywhere," spoke up Molly.
" Who's us ? " inquired Frank scornfully.
" Never mind her" said Alec excitedly. " I'll tell you what. Listen : this afternoon, when we've got to be in the play-room, let's go in a cab to Somerset House, and just get to know once for all. I've got four shillings in my money-box; what have you got ? "
" I'll count." Frank counted up to five shillings.
" The man may want more. Mollikins, what have you got in your purse ? "
"Dot sixpence."
" Well, if you pay your share, we'll take you with us—that is, if you can put on your own hat. I can help you with your coat." And so it was arranged.
And at three o'clock that cold afternoon Alec, Frank, and Molly might have been seen stealing forth into the keen air; they were supposed to be playing at marbles in the garret or they might
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