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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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Molly hopped on one foot in suppressed ex­citement.
" Your father!" exclaimed the kindly clerk, handing back the coin. " Why, how old are you ? "
" Ten," replied Alec. " Thank you."
" And so your father married at the age of ten or thereabouts, did he ? Dear me ; very precocious of him!" exclaimed the clerk, with such a serious face that the children felt quite uncomfort­able. They had not considered the matter in that light at all. Their faces fell, and they felt such a wish they had never come that without a word of explanation they turned and fled. They were glad to be once more outside the building, and thankful to find the cabman still there waiting to take them back, and in their discomfiture he was hailed by them joyfully as a dear old friend.
" Home !" said Alec, when they were inside.
" And where might that happen to be ?" asked the driver with interest.
Molly, womanlike, jumped at a conclusion. " We're lost!" she wailed, and burst into tears, and it was only when she was in sight of her own nursery windows that she was comforted, and smiled once more. Without any inquiry, all their remaining savings were emptied into the willing palm of the delighted driver, who bowed his acknowledgments repeatedly.
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