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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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" We took it with us this afternoon to Somerset House."
" Yes," corroborated Alec.
" Me, too," chimed in Molly.
And then they told of all they had done, and their parents tried to look grave, but couldn't, and could scarcely speak for laughing, though they extorted a promise that nothing of the kind should ever again be attempted without permission.
" Surely, what is in the Times" reasoned their father, " must be true—at least one must pre­sume so."
" Halloa," broke in Alec. " I say, Frank ! Look here ! This Guy Thompson was born in Cambridge Square ! I never noticed that. Weren't you born in Oxford Square, Father ?"
" Well, I think I might just as well have been born in one as in the other. All I know is, that if I was twenty-one, I am twenty-one—and the rest—you never asked me how many more. Come along, boys, now for our cushion-fight! But first of all, here are your expenses back again—your Babyship, there's your sixpence—and now I really can't wait any longer for a romp !"
Soon the room was gay with laughter. Father, too, had to be a real guy and a "pretend" one, pushed about in the arm-chair with a funny long nose spoiling his jolly face. And afterwards they
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