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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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" I really didn't mean it when I said, ' I gloried in being naughty.' Don't snore, Honourable! There'll be complaints from next door."
It was curious, but Eva was having remorse, brought on by all the talk of Peace and Goodwill which was in the air. " I've tried things before," she muttered ; " but I know what I'll do this time," she exclaimed, " I'll give a cot to a hospital!"
The little dog growled a protest as she suddenly got up from the floor. Eva counted the money in her money-box. " I've live shillings all but three farthings. I'm sure that is nothing like enough !" she mused. " It must cost at least a million sterling pounds !" Tears came into her eyes, but they flowed down on to a smile, as she thought of some one who always managed to do kind deeds and who might help her. Father Christmas! Eva thought of asking no less a person than Father Christmas himself to advise her. But how to find him and get a nice quiet chat with him was the difficulty. That he would come to her on Christmas Eve she had no doubt, as he never forgot her ; but she had only managed to be awake and see him once, a long time ago, and then she but got a glimpse of him, for he rushed out of her room as though in a terrible hurry.
Dot's little mistress slept badly that night; she was racking her brain as to how she could manage
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