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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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to remain awake so as to see Father Christmas when he came, and then how she could coax him to stay for a talk—for she knew quite well how busy he must be when he was on his rounds.
The following afternoon, during a general rum­mage that was going on to find tiny candles and coloured glass balls that were over from last year's Christmas tree, Eva picked up a scrap of printed paper, which had come out of an old cracker. She took it upstairs to her favourite spot on the hearth­rug, and read it aloud to Dot:—
" Father Christmas sends this note From out his mansion by the moat, To all who live on land and sea, To honour Christmas Day with glee— Inviting them to pass his way, With glee to honour Christmas Day/'
Eva flushed with excitement. " Why, it's a message from him ! " she cried. " It's some kind of invitation! " and she gave Dot such a squeeze of delight that the little creature squeaked shrilly, scurried off, and laid low under the table.
She thought and puzzled and pondered over the lines she had just read. At last she grasped their meaning. " Of course ! How simple, after all!" she concluded. " He lives at some moated house, and I must go to him, not wait for him to come to
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