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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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just got them finished in time. I love making crackers, too; I spend all my evenings writing mottoes for them."
" I found your invitation, Mr. Christmas."
" Bless me ! did you now ? Ah ! " He stroked his beard thoughtfully for a moment and remained silent. Eva looked about her in amazement.
" Those are all secrets!" he observed after a time. Father Christmas included with a sweep of the arm the toys which were everywhere about— hanging from the ceiling, lying about on the tables and sofas, standing as ornaments on the mantel­piece, filling the shelves of the bookcases, peeping from behind the glass cabinets—toys wherever one looked.
He arose, and taking her by the hand, led her round to enjoy the pretty sight; and paying no attention whatever to the sullen little girl in the corner, he asked Eva if she would like to see around his domain. " Oh yes, yes," she cried. She quite appreciated the special honour that was being done her.
"They'll be coming in here soon to pack," he added. " I'm going to leave all these secrets myself at their destinations."
There was a tremendous bustle going on at the rear of the premises, where a whole army of packers, carriers, postmen, and porters were hurry-
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