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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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ing about letting down toys from the loft, packing them, labelling them to places far and wide; load­ing them on huge vans which came rumbling in and out of the courtyard with cracking of whips, and parting shouts of " Good luck ! "
Superintending the arrangements, walking to and fro, was the very ancient man. He was so alert, and always on the spot where wanted, yet Eva was thinking his age must at least be two hundred, when Father Christmas said kindly: " My dear, this is my father—he is known as Father Time, and you have known him without having really met him face to face before."
" I didn't recognise him, and I didn't know he was your father, sir," she whispered.
" Why, yes. Don't you know that my full name is Christmas Time ?"
" Of course it is," she exclaimed with a laugh.
The next visit was through a covered way to the printing works—where the mottoes and " direc­tions" for toys and Father Christmas's visiting cards were printed. These cards were all different in design, and each was a beautiful picture stamped with his name, and his own motto, " Peace and Goodwill."
Behind was the sweet factory, with its tempting packets and muslin stockings of all sizes full of sugar-plums. But, as Father Time appeared,
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