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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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" It's just as bad if you're not found out. But you are bound to be found out," cried Eva, in horror and disgust as she saw her approach the coveted treasure. " I tell you, wicked people are always found out; they never escape unpunished."
" I want it, and I'm going to have it."
" You mustn't. Come away—you shan't!" shouted Eva, running after her; and she seized her by both wrists. " Come away! Oh, do come away!"
" You fool! leave me alone. Get away !" and with a scoffing laugh the gir] shook herself free, sprang on a sofa, opened the cupboard, and stretched out her hand.
Without a word Eva threw herself upon her, slammed-to the glass door, and in the struggle they fell together on the floor. There was a crash of broken glass, and through the noise Eva heard the voice of her opponent saying faintly : " Let me go ! You have won ! "
When she got up, carefully shaking the bits of glass from her frock, and looked round, the horrid little girl had disappeared. The next moment her host stood in the doorway with a curious smile on his face.
" I'm going now," he said ; " will you come ?"
" Oh, please, Father Christmas," exclaimed Eva ruefully, as she looked at the glass on the floor,
" do wait! I want to explain something—I-----"
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