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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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" I should like to go shooting, and see what the earth is like," sighed a young star. But the Evening Star knew that meant many dangers, for down there life was not so happy or serene as up in their lofty sphere. And she knew, too, that he would go his own way as youth always does; and she felt sorry, for she did not like to part with this bright little star. And so he went. That fine crisp night the tiny star was seen to shoot right down to earth—and the light of his presence was no longer there.
A hard frost was on the ground. The shops were shut, for it was Boxing Day. Those who were not on enjoyment bent were snugly quartered by their own fireside, with the firm conviction that nothing would tempt them away. Some, how­ever, had business to attend to in spite of its being a holiday, and old Joshua was one of these. He was known as " old " Joshua because his hair had turned prematurely white—as white as the rime which had gathered on his shabby hat as he hurried along the murky, dimly lighted street which led to
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