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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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the great theatre. The wind that entered so un­ceremoniously through his thin coat was biting cold—the violin he carried was more carefully muffled up than he.
" One, two, three," he counted, as a neigh­bouring clock began chiming ; " four, five, six !"
He quickened his pace. He had to be in his place in the orchestra in extra good time, as it was the first night of the new pantomime. And before that, he had some one coming to meet him at the back entrance.
" I shall be there all in good time," he muttered. " By Jupiter!" he exclaimed, as he tripped and nearly fell over something that was lying straight in his path. Only when he stooped down did he discover that on the pavement lay a small child, all cold to the touch, with fair curls dis­hevelled, and eyes wide open that seemed to see nothing.
Old Joshua's heart filled with pity and indigna­tion. " What a shame," he muttered, " to abandon such a treasure as this! And no one about who can help me.'' He looked anxiously around—no one was in sight; so he hurriedly went in search of a policeman. When he had succeeded in finding one, and the two reached the spot together, a crowd had collected and was gazing wonderingly at the tiny, prostrate form.
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