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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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" Stand back there!" commanded the man of law.
The clock chimed the quarter-hour. Old Joshua felt the cold no more—he was in a nervous heat at the delay; nevertheless, he waited till a cab was hailed. Then the policeman tenderly lifted the helpless little creature into it, and the driver wrapped his rug around it. " To the 'orspital!" directed the policeman, stepping inside, and the vehicle was driven smartly away. The crowd dis­persed, and with it old Joshua, as quickly as he could hurry through the throng.
At the stage door he found his little Stella awaiting him with sparkling eyes, in anticipation of her annual treat.
" Daddy, you're late," she said, holding up a finger in mock gravity ; then.she clapped her hands with delight at his arrival.
Old Joshua would not distress her with the cause of his delay, so he only stooped and kissed her. " Give me your hand, old lady," he said, " and come along quickly. Through this door— that's right. Up you go. Don't step on my poor toes or push against me when we turn the corner more than you can help, or old Daddy Joshua and his fiddle might be a little out of tune!" And, laughing as they went, they climbed right up to the top back row of the vast empty theatre. There
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