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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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a smiling attendant welcomed her as quite an old little friend, and when he had seen his daughter raised up on a seat by means of a big hassock, old Joshua, with a nod of thanks, hastened below to join his comrades of the orchestra, and help create the squeaky din which they called " tuning up."
At last the lights were turned up. An eager troop of pleasure-seekers tumbled into the gallery in a rush, and while Stella was looking around her every available seat was quickly occupied. The other parts of the house were filling rapidly in more dignified style, and soon every place was tenanted in honour of the great Christmas pan­tomime. The large orchestra struck up, and when the overture was over the gorgeously painted curtain slowly rose.
Stella, perched up aloft, forgot wThere she was, and everything else in the world went straight out of her head as she gazed with rapture at the lovely scene that was peopled with fairies, and goblins, and wonderful beings, disporting themselves in a land that was all glitter and gold. And so the hours flew by, in a wonder of loveliness, fairy story, and fun.
" 'Ave a bit o' orange, dearie ?" asked the stout woman who was sitting next to her. But Stella was too engrossed to think about oranges or neigh­bours, nor even did she feel the light nudge that
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