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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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followed. The woman merely turned to her hus­band, smiled, and held her peace; while Stella threw back her head and shook with laughter, as the Clown tickled Pantaloon with a poker that looked extremely red hot. She wasn't a bit tired, and was quite surprised to hear " God Save the King," and to find the whole beautiful show was already over, like a dream. It had seemed to her as though it must go on for ever.
Flushed and excited, and a good deal jostled by the moving crowd, she made her way to the stair­case in order to meet the motherly attendant on the next landing, who had promised to take her to her father at the stage door. Stella was walk­ing down carefully step by step, when two young men came roughly tearing past her. A sudden push threw her off her balance. She knew she screamed because she heard it. Then she knew and heard nothing more.
Great fun was going forward in the biggest ward in the Children's Hospital. Father Christmas had suddenly appeared amidst much cheering and clapping of hands. Not only were the little in­mates, the nurses, and young doctors beaming with smiles, but Father Christmas himself felt the glow of jollity as he busily handed the toys he carried to his two attendant clowns. These nimble, funny
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