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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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As she gazed at him Stella thought she had never seen so beautiful a child. She stretched out her arm and took his tiny palm in hers; then he turned his face towards her and smiled, contentedly and trustingly leaving his hand in hers. And thus with love and pity in her heart she fell fast asleep.
And in the night she saw a wonderful thing— a moonbeam that seemed to come down into the room—the small hand in hers unloosed itself, and the boy arose looking gloriously beautiful ; his eyes were shining, and he could see the bright light, and he began climbing up the beam, so easily that it looked like gliding, so happily now that he could see his way and whither it was leading him.
The next morning Stella's first thought was of the lovely vision, and of her little companion. She turned over and looked with surprise. The cot in the corner was empty—so very empty, and tidy with its smoothed fresh sheets.
" Oh, where's he gone ? " she exclaimed.
Nurse hurried to her side. " Who, dear ?"
" There—from the empty cot."
The Nurse looked sweet and grave. " He has gone where he came from, dear."
" And where did he come from?" asked Stella, with a curious sense of loneliness.
" Where all children come from."
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