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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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Of course, Stella knew that all children are Heaven-born, and come from the stars. Why, her own name meant a star. And, of course, she also knew that every one who was good some day went back again to Heaven.
" Oh," she cried, in a hushed voice, " has he gone back There ?"
"Yes, dear," replied Nurse Evelyn gently. "Now, don't think of him any more. Here's a pretty book with pictures."
But Stella did think of him, a great deal more. The little golden-haired boy occupied her thoughts more than any one ever knew. And that night, and many other nights, when she looked upwards at the vast sky, so mysterious and serene with its millions of stars, she would wonder and ponder. And there was always one particular little star that she loved best, and when she looked upon it a sweetness would steal into her heart, and she would think of the gentle boy with the angel face, who had gone back to Heaven—for she felt quite sure that he was there amongst them, and that he could see her, and that, perhaps, he loved her.
And all to herself she called him Little Starry— and she remembered him always.
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