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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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the kite all at once dropped quickly to earth, tail first. Cedric darted forward to where it lay, some distance ahead. When he reached it, he flung himself alongside to examine it carefully. He could find no rent, no damage; nothing was wrong. There was nothing, apparently, to account for such peculiar behaviour in his hitherto well-conducted kite.
As he passed his hand over it where it lay, he felt underneath it, entangled in the tail, some­thing hard. He could see it glistening through. He quickly drew it forth, and found in his hand —a golden key.
" Halloa ! what's this ?" exclaimed Cedric, as he knelt down and turned his discovery over and over. "A yellow key. However did it get there ?" was his next thought. He continued to ask himself the riddle, but finding no answer he gave it up, and carefully examined the key. There was no mark on it—it wouldn't even whistle when he tried it. " Some one must have lost it, I suppose," he went on, and concluded: " Well, it's no use to me!" and he threw it away. Seating himself on the grass, he soon became absorbed in getting his kite all trim again, and had temporarily secured the string to a bush, when his attention was attracted by the key, which lay and glistened as if it knew it was glistening.
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