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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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subjects to the doors of his magnificent palace. Soldiers presented arms, a national air was played on lutes and harps, and Cedric passed through the gates, followed by as many of the populace as had tickets of admission to witness the most wonderful coronation you never saw.
In the throne-room, on a throne of diamonds, Cedric sat in royal robes, and on his head was a golden crown, which had been taken, as being about his size, from the dome of the Crown Palace. Grouped near him were the aristocracy of Fairy­land—prominent among them the Crown Princess, and her great friend and neighbour, the Queen of Gossamerland, both young, both beautiful, and both unmarried.
When the ceremony was over, and the shout, " Hail! Cedric, King of Fairyland ! " echoed once more, the boy, prompted by the Lord High Cham­berlain, rose and bowed his delighted acknowledg­ments, while the crowds outside cheered for all they were worth. He kept standing, in order to receive the general homage, with the quiet con­fidence of one who had been used to that sort of thing every day of his life.
Little did he guess that the populace of Fairy­land, who were acclaiming him, down to the tiniest
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