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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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do, but they never come really, you know. Your Majesty is the very first. Will you graciously tell me how it feels ?"
Cedric laughed, and coughed nervously, and replied that " it felt very pleasant and comfor'ble."
She turned her head as she withdrew, and whispered anxiously—
"Do not part with the Golden Key, as you value your throne."
The words, and still more the impressive and forceful manner, of the dazzling little Queen puzzled him. He determined, nevertheless, to follow advice so fatefully given, but he couldn't help pondering over it; and his face was graver as he bowed to the lords and ladies and high-born gnomes who had the honour of introduction.
Escorted by the whole of the brilliant company, King Cedric left his palace in order formally "to do some good deed "—which was a part of the ancient ceremonial. He was to open a new in­stitution for fairies who had lost their arts and crafts and livelihoods too. When they arrived at the building it was announced that the key which was to have been presented to him was not forth­coming. Consternation, real or assumed—{Cedric didn't believe in it)—followed on the strange de­claration of those who were responsible for the carelessness. Amid profuse apologies, the Lord
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