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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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The coronation ceremony was over, and the com­pany had dispersed, so Cedric found himself at liberty to saunter forth. He hadn't proceeded more than a few yards in the brilliant landscape when a Rabbit—renowned for his white gloves— bounded up to him and humbly begged it might be his Majesty's pleasure to receive some famous members of Animal Fairyland who were anxious to render homage. Cedric replied royally with a dignified nod, and followed the creature as it led the way to a clearing in a forest close by. Here, explained the Rabbit, the animals were allowed full liberty to say what they pleased—but beyond the boundaries they were only able to make strange noises which their own families alone could under­stand : it was thus that the secrets of Fairyland were kept from the world outside.
Upon a throne made from a cutting of the famous beanstalk grown for the original Jack King Cedric seated himself, and awaited events.
He hadn't long to wait, for a Fox trotted up and bade him welcome to Animal Fairyland. Won­derfully tactful for his age, Cedric told the Fox that he recognised him, having read about him in Grimm's tales, and remarked—
" You were so good, Mr. Fox, to the poor horse!"
At which the Fox sniggered shyly and withdrew.
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