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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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This pleasing reminiscence gave unbounded satis­faction to the various animals that had quickly gathered around.
Cedric's inquiry of the Wolf as to his digestion after that little flirtation with Red Riding Hood's grandmother was also considered prodigiously ap­propriate, and was greeted with cordial appreciation. His quick recognition, too, of the Three Bears added greatly to his popularity, but he wasn't so happy in his remark to a stately Swan who came up and bowed.
"You're glad to have got rid of those ducks, I s'pose ?" he observed.
" And pray, sire, where did you hear about that ? It's a chapter of my early history I hoped had never got about!"
" Oh, I have read all about the Ugly Duckling !" replied Cedric, persuaded that the information would fill the Swan with pride.
" Why, you don't mean to say—! Do you— do you tell me that—" screamed the Swan furiously, almost choked with indignation, and it could not finish its sentences. Then in a quieter, but still in an angry, voice, it continued : " To think of it! AVhy, I plumed myself on its having been kept out of print! So that family scandal has got round after all! " And in defiance of all etiquette, the swan turned tail and waddled off.
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