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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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tion of a monarch unable to produce the price of a Bath bun; " s'pose I ordered their necks to be wrung, or something ? "
" It would be deplorably irregular and exces­sively unconstitutional."
Cedric was taken at a disadvantage by the length of the words ; but a lucky discovery relieved him.
" Here, I've got four ha'pennies. But I call it mean that I, of all people, shouldn't be allowed in free."
" It's simply to show the person is well off, and to keep the place select—it's the same for all. In the case of royalty the amount is returned in cash at the end of the performance."
Cedric entered alone, and found the fairy ring far beyond anything he could have dreamed of. Thousands of little fairies, wearing cunning arrange­ments of petals from the fruit blossoms, had joined hands and were dancing round joyously, raising tiny clouds of yellow dust, which enveloped them as with a golden mist. As he came in sight they burst into song, and manoeuvring cleverly until he was in their midst, they showed what they could do in grace of movement and harmony of sound, till, quite enchanted, he felt he could remain there for ever.
" Go on! go on!" he shouted, clapping his hands with delight, for the little crew had come to a standstill.
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