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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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Gossamerland. She sat down next to him and put her tiny hand on his arm.
" What's to be done, then ? "
" It's very simple," she rejoined. " Give me the Golden Key. You'll be king no longer, but you'll have no responsibilities or anxieties."
" That won't be much fun for me," replied Cedric. " Besides, what will you do with it ?"
"The right thing. I'll give it to the Crown Princess, the rightful heir. That will save the country a general election, and fairy tranquillity will reign once more."
" Why did you warn me not to part with it ? And now you ask me for it!"
" I wanted to get it myself as soon as you would give it up, so that I might deliver it to my dear friend, who will become a queen like me. Then she can choose her husband; and, after being her bridesmaid, I suppose I shall be married too."
" Will you marry me ?" asked Cedric bluntly.
" Why, you'd have to live on honey!" replied the Gossamer Queen, with a smile, half sweet, half malicious. Cedric turned it over in his mind, but not for long.
" Give me the key," she begged coaxingly.
" Yes—but," argued the boy, " it's worth a lot, you know: I wouldn't so much mind swopping
it; but-----"
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