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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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to tell the way." He wandered on in the hope of coming sooner or later, somehow and somewhere, to the door.
After a time he met the funny little old man who had accosted him on his arrival. He was gazing hard at the boy, looking right through him as though he were not there.
" Will you kindly show me the door ?" said Cedric eagerly.
" Turn you out, do you mean ? " asked ex-King the First.
"I want toturn myself out, if I can,"replied Cedric.
" Already ? Good morning, young gentleman, ex-King the Second. There's a pair of us."
" Please show me the door."
" When is a door not a-jar ?" asked the out-o'-work sovereign.
" Don't ask me riddles. Show me the door ! " ordered Cedric in his best royal-command manner, and looked so threatening that the little old man quickly pointed over his shoulder.
Cedric walked off in that direction without a word, and to his joy he discovered the door just a little way in front of him.
" Thank goodness ! " he exclaimed, as he ran up to it—and then he suddenly realised that he no longer possessed the Golden Key with which to open it. How was he to escape ? He turned and
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