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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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looked back at what now was an immeasurable distance—so very far away did it seem—and there was once more bustling activity about the palace. Another Coronation ceremony was beginning all over again.
The boy flung himself against the door, and banged and kicked at it with all his might. It was of no use.
" Oh, the key, the key ! " he cried. " If they would only spare it from their silly triumphing for a moment, and let me out!"
He put his eye to the keyhole, and with longing gaze he saw his kite on the spot he had left it, with its lazy tail gently stirred by the breeze.
Once more he looked back, despairing of help; the same animated fairy scene met his gaze—all so indifferent to his helplessness. Grasping the handle of the door in his hand he shook it in desperation.
Then he remembered. He quietly turned the handle, and walked out!
The sea breeze blew freshly as Cedric freed his kite from the bush, and when he looked back there was Land's End just as he had seen it before. " And Fairyland's end, too," he muttered; for all trace of the iron door had disappeared after he passed through. He stared in astonishment, and couldn't make it out; and the adventure remained a mystery all the days of his life.
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